Shungite is a stone that consists mainly of Carbon in three grades. Type 1 98% Carbon, type 2 65% Carbon, and type three consisting of 30% Carbon.

The name comes from the Karelian village of Shun’ga where the mineral was first discovered.

Shungite type 1 can be defined as a black semi-metalic mineral in a noncrystalline, nongraphite, structurally heterogeneous, and vitreous form.

Fullerines were discovered and named based on experinments in space labrotories.

A fullerine is a molecule formed entirely of carbon in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, or tube.

formed billions of years ago.

Peter the great of Russia had heard of the healing properties of a nearby natural spring which flowed out of a shungite deposit. He ordered an investigation which showed the extraordinary healing properties of the spring and ordered the first spa to be built on the shores of Lake Onega. Peter the Great then decreed that all his soldiers carry a piece of Shungite at all times with them and put it in their flask to purify their drinking water.

Shungite was formed by organisms living between 2 – 2.2 billion years ago. Compared to Petroleum and coal which formed between 300-600 million years ago

Dont forget the filter your water with shungite